Generation Skills Forecast

The Generation Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Skills Forecasts are produced annually to report on the industry outlook, new and emerging skills and associated training needs for each sector. They are a culmination of an extensive consultation and review process, led by each IRC.

The IRC consult broadly with stakeholders to ensure a whole-of-industry view about the opportunities and challenges for the workforce and the Training Package review work necessary to meet industry needs. The information is then used to develop the four-year IRC Proposed Schedule of Work.



The IRC sets the direction of research and analysis activities while continuing to review and consider industry feedback throughout the IRC Skills Forecast development process, which includes:

  • Call for Submissions process inviting stakeholder responses about key issues affecting skills and workforce development
  • An IRC Skills Forecast Survey seeking information on priority skill needs, skill shortages and issues relating to workforce training.
  • A comprehensive review of Data and Research Sources nominated by each IRC


Feedback from industry stakeholders informs the final development of the Generation IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work for submission to the AISC.

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